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Horse Rp Characters

H A U N T E D (intro & stats)

A F T E R S H O C K (into & stats)
H A U N T E D (intro & stats)
Plot Ideas
A S T O R I A (intro)
R I O & O C E A N E- (intro & pic? & stats)
P H O E N I X (better pic?)
P E R S I A (intro)
I N D I G O (intro & stats & better pic?)
C A L Y P S O (New intro, same plot)
S W I F T (new intro- amnesia? & new name?)
G L A D I A T O R (finish stats, update intro)
N I G H T H A W K (intro & plot idea? & stats)
H E L I O S (stats)
S H A M A N & S A G E (stats)
A R R O W (stats)
C R I M S O N (stats)
A T L A N T I C A (stats & intro)
S O L A R A (intro)
B L I T Z (intro)
NEW NAME (intro & stats & plot)
O M E N (intro)
Names to Use
Nieve (street)


It was a drizzily day. The rain hit the cobblestone streets, making them wet and slippery and the clouds were gray. It was a depressing day.
The shopkeepers were deep under their tents or huts, huddling next to fires or under a blanket. All except one. She was busy at work in the back of a small straw hut. The entrance to the hut was darkened by a screen that flapped in the breezes. (c)

She was old, wizzened, wrinkly. A shawl covered her white hair as she hurried around to numerous baskets, tidying and fussing about them. A roasting fire heated the room, damp smelling from leaks in the ceiling. It was small, but cozy.
A crack at the window called the old womans attention. She looked up, eyes of startling blue surprised.
"Hmm, no one there." she said, in a surprising young (c)

young voice for her appearence.
She glanced down at a basket, and now we see what is inside. An egg. Like countless others in the room.

Okay. I'm posting eggs now.
Go ahead and go to one if you think you want it, even if I'm not done with the others.
Egg one:

A bluish egg, it is the color of an ocean or lake, with sandy streaks occasionaly running through it. It has splashes of white, like waves breaking, and darker, navy blue. The blue is contiuously moving across the egg. It is large and not a perfect oval in shape.
Once in a while, it will buck and bounce as if fussing. If any water comes near it, it begins rolling and bouncing like crazy.

Element: water
Talk: no
Care level: 7
Loyalty level:3
Gender: male
Name: Arubus

Egg two:

A tiny egg, barely the size of a youngsters palm, this egg is greenish-brown in color and has a little bit of read at the top. It has two yellow wingish shaped marks on either side of it. It is egg-shaped, and sometimes squeaks quietly.
Often these will flutter gently, this is the only part of the egg that moves.

Element: earth/air
Talk: yes
Care level: 4
Loyalty level: 3
Gender: female
Name: Eryn

Egg Three:

A medium, mishapen egg, it looks as though it might have fallen on one side, but not broken.
It is a dark, dark green with one brown streak running around it's length. If it gets near to metal, it lights up to a lighter green and twitcfhes.
It often bounces and cackles.

Element: Metal
Talks: yes
Care level: 4
Loyalty level: 6
Gender: male
Name: Emmitt

Egg Four:

A ashy gray egg of medium size and shape, this egg often has momentary glimpses of red and gold light coming through it. It moves rarely and is a very quiet egg.

Element: fire
Talks: no
Care level: 4
Loyalty level: 10
Gender: female
Name: Ashes

Egg Five:

A large egg of many colors, usally ranging from gold and silver to red, orange and yellow. This egg squawks occasionaly and has two rather large bronze and red wings sticking out of it.

Element: Air
Talks: no
Care level: 7
Loyalty level: 8
Gender: male
Name: Gitto

Egg Six:

A medium sized white egg with gold trimmings, this egg is almost angelic looking. It has a large diamond on it's eggshell and streaks of gold running through it where cracks might be.

Element: Light/air
Talks: yes
Care level: 2
Loyalty level: 9
Gender: female
Name: Willow

Egg Seven:

An ugly looking brown egg with reddish gold streaks running arounds it's sides, it too is rather misshapely and moves occasionly. It is a large egg, perhaps one of the largest in the small room.

Element: earth
Talks: yes
Care Level: 1
Loyalty Level: 4
Gender: male
Name: Aiden

Egg Eight:

A medium sized black egg with red marks that look rather like eyes, this egg gives off a dark feeling to it.

Element: dark
Talks: yes
Care Level: 2
Loyalty Level: 6
Gender: female
Name: Darian

Egg Nine:

This egg is yellow in color. (yellow? yup.)
It has silver linings and a random red spots around it. This egg is too hot to touch, even for the old woman. It is medium, and breathes flames occasionally.

Element: fire
Talks: no
Care level: 7
Loyalty level: 9
Gender: female
Name: unknown

Egg Ten:

This egg is white and baby blue in color. It is medium and is much too cold to touch. It is regular shape and has silver streaks running through it.

Element: Snow/ice
Talks: no
Care level: 7
Loyalty Level: 7
Gender: male
Name: Aureous

(polar bear)