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Horse Rp Characters

S H A M A N & S A G E (stats)

A F T E R S H O C K (into & stats)
H A U N T E D (intro & stats)
Plot Ideas
A S T O R I A (intro)
R I O & O C E A N E- (intro & pic? & stats)
P H O E N I X (better pic?)
P E R S I A (intro)
I N D I G O (intro & stats & better pic?)
C A L Y P S O (New intro, same plot)
S W I F T (new intro- amnesia? & new name?)
G L A D I A T O R (finish stats, update intro)
N I G H T H A W K (intro & plot idea? & stats)
H E L I O S (stats)
S H A M A N & S A G E (stats)
A R R O W (stats)
C R I M S O N (stats)
A T L A N T I C A (stats & intro)
S O L A R A (intro)
B L I T Z (intro)
NEW NAME (intro & stats & plot)
O M E N (intro)
Names to Use
Nieve (street)


Identical twins occur when a single egg is fertilized to form one zygote (monozygotic) which then divides into two separate embryos. Studies have shown that identical twins reared in different environments share similar personality traits, mannerisms, job choices, attitudes, and interests.

The same is true in equines. While rare, some horses may deliver twin foal babies. (c)
Many vets says that a horse is not designed to successfully carry twin fetus through pregnancy, and many time one of the twin horse foals dies and is re-absorbed by the mare.

However, in these two, this was not the case.
They are draft horses, this is appearent by first glance. Though odd in the wild, it seems as though they have pure Clysdale blood running through their veins. (c)

Though their birth was nearly four years before, the stallions act as though they are still foals, nudging one another and racing as they treck across the wilderness.

As is common in equine twins, one is considerably smaller than the other. His name is Sage, while the larger is Shaman.
Both stallions are large, Shaman bordering on 18 hh. Though their personalities are different, (c)
their appearence is much the same.

Glossy coats ripple with well-defined muscles. Shaman's coat holds a reddish tint with bay points hidden in his joints. The color fades to black on his strong legs before turning a striking white on all four, with feathering that bounces while he walks. Down the length of his nose runs a broad white stripe and his cocoa eyes are kind as they come. (c)
Sage, though smaller, is the more handsome of the two. His coat more supple, body more lithe, movements more graceful. His mane falls delicatly to one side where Shaman's, still growing out from a buzz cut, pokes up from his neck haphazardly.
Chocolatey bordering on black, Sage has a few spashes of white on his lower body, like an artist sprayed him.
His stockings are also white and (C)
his feathering less than his brothers.
The face is the nearly the same, the broad white stripe, though it spreads to a splotch on his muzzle and on Sage, the eyes look more dangerous than kind.
Oh yes, the personalities. You've gotten a hint of them already. Through the eyes, you see.
Shaman, though the larger and stronger of the two, is kind and gentle, slow to anger and quick to forgive.(c)
Sage is the exact polar opposite of his twin. He is firey and a dare-devil, and though he is smaller, he is a devil in a fight.

Sure, you might say, but how did they end up in the wild? After all, it's not everyday you see two wild Clysdales.
Simple. Their mother and father were champion show horses in a large barn rather far from here now.
As is common these days, a storm broke out. (c)
Their mother, though usually slow to fright and calm in dangerous situations, was outside and began to fear for her own life and her sons inside of her. She broke loose from the handlers and galloped away, ne'er to be seen again by the stable.
So, this was how the twins came to be in the wasteland of wild horses.
Their mother, unused to fending for herself, soon died, but her sons were (c)
born in the wild and soon were experts at living 'off the land', if you will.

Twas a pity that no pretty lady had yet captured their hearts.


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